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Care & Maintenance Of Embroidered Kashmir Rugs -

The handmade chain-stitch wool rugs are relatively easy to clean and keep there quality and beauty over time.

All you need to do is vacuum (the back of the rug) or shake the rug once every 2-3 weeks, make sure you do not vacuum the fringe at the end of both sides to prevent them from being torn off.

Stains- if you happen to have the rug stained, use a clean moist cloth with cold water and gently rub the stained area towards the center of the stain. The faster you'll take care of stains the better will be the results.

Do not use chemicals products at all.

Dry clean is o.k if needed, once every 2-3 years.

*please note, a rug gripper pad might be recommended for some floors.

Shipment cost -

Each rug has its shipment fees based on its size. Please look at the specific rug details on its selling page to see exact amount.

If you wish to use different shipment options please feel free to contact us for your request at - [email protected]

Customized Rugs -

You can order any rug from the designs we have in any size you wish.

Also you can choose different color combinations for the same designs.

Please note that it takes 1-3 months to make a rug, depending on the desired size.

The price of a custom made rug might be higher, depending on the chosen design and colors and also the availability of the artisan.

For a price of a custom made rug please contact us with your specifics

A non refundable payment of third of the rug's price is required before we can place an order.

I encourage you to ask any & all questions you might have,

The collector's wife.