The collector's wife is dedicated to bring out the unique and eclectic collection of her beloved,

and share it with whoever is drawn to these lovely pieces.

Along with matchless experiences in her nomad family's journey, there is a Worldwide of rare

collectibles & crafts that the collector discovers in exotic & remote places.

Part of their motivation is to help these artifacts change hands and find new homes, while allowing

a fair-trade income to those who sell them in all kinds of wonderful places on their way.

The collector LOVES all precious items he collects. Yet, for the collector's wife they are

"heavy beauties" to pack and carry in their backpacks while traveling. On top it is

challenging for her to deal with their two grumpy teenagers about each additional pound

they need to carry. So, although the collector would like to keep it all, she is determined to

keep the flow by letting go some of the collection, to support the ongoing traveling Which is

their goal.

The collection includes: lucky charms & esoteric objects from Thailand. Magnificent chain stitch

rugs & beautiful hand painted boxes from Kashmir. Bone carvings from Burma. Antique Jewelry &

vintage tin boxes from India, folk art from Nepal & many more rarities from different countries and


Although the collector's wife prefers small non breakable items (easy to pack when traveling) the

collection includes a variety of folk art & crafts, antiques & vintage pieces, of different sizes &


The collector usually knows and can provide you with reliable information about most items.

Most of them are "one of a kind" So we research to find as much information as we can.

Many times the collector will choose to get an item based on intuition alone, without real

knowledge about it. It is enough that he likes it. Then after he can say "It is mine" he will find the

information. Either by talking with the seller, his family & other people we meet along the way, and

of course on the net.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional details you might have.

If you would like some reference please visit our eBay store by clicking here.

Have a good one,

The collector's wife.