AREA RUG Hand-knotted embroidery wool rug KASHMIR #13 6x4

one of a kind traditionally embroider unique home carpet. 100% handmade & natural. Chain-stitch embroidery technique used by the finest traditional artisans of Kashmir for generations. This stunning hand-knotted rug brings a long last & exotic yarn (literally) to any space you will choose to use it in. Approx. measurements: 6 x 4 feet 120 x 180 cm Weight: 6 lbs.

$520.00 $457.00

The process starts with painting each pure wool yarn by hand, letting dry in the sun then embroidering in a chain-stitch technique using a crooked head hook (called Aari) according to the designer's drawing and at last sawing a relatively thick & durable100% cotton cloth at the back to protect the rug and allow it to last longer.

Easy to clean. 100% natural dyes on a 100% cotton backing.

As an authentic handmade piece please be aware that -

  • sizes can be few inches more or less than indicated and overall keep in mind that this is a perfection of handmade artisan not a machine.
  • Some color variation may occur due to monitor setting differences.

please scroll over the pictures to enlarge and see all the details.

A “tip” I am gladly sharing with you from my experience -

these rugs can be used as an exclusive area rug, unique sofa cover, fancy table cloth, wall decoration & a bed cover.

I believe that this rug will appear even more beautiful when seen with your own eyes,

Many Blessings,

The collector's wife.

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